League Standings

Standings by Division

CranberryBourbon PeachHarrisonDry Hopped
Team Cornholio (12-8)Corn in the USA (10-10)Dons Cornelius (16-4)Lucky Shuckers (19-1)
Honey Holes (11-9)Old/New (8-12)Four Bags Deep(12-8)Corn to be Wild (9-11)
Team Rudnick (5-15)The Subs (4-16)Corn Dawgs (7-13)Corn St*rs (7-13)

Standings by Overall Record

RankOverall Standings
1Lucky Shucker (1 Seed)
2Dons Cornelius (2 Seed)
3Team Cornholio (3 Seed)
4Corn in the USA (4 Seed)
5Four Bags Deep (Wildcard 1)
6Honey Holes (Wildcard 2)
7Corn to Be Wild
9Corn St*rs
9Corn Dawgs
11Team Rudnick
12The Subs

Points Standings

TeamTotal PointsRank
Lucky Shuckers4171
Dons Cornelius3772
Team Cornholio3393
Four Bags Deep3264
Corn in the USA3165
Honey Holes2966
Corn to be Wild7
The Subs9
Corn Dawgs10
Team Rudnick11
Corn St*ars12

 Updated 10/25/2019 Points from Rank 7 and beyond were not updated before spreadsheet crashed. Will update asap.